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Hi, I'm Cindy


I'm an interdisciplinary designer pursuing a Cognitive Science B.S. at UC Davis (c/o 2021). I currently serve as President of Out in STEM at UC Davis, and I’m interested in all things design and tech. My interests lie in using my knowledge to research and design better experiences for human interaction.

I believe that experiences are what makes us human and that life's too short for poorly designed ones. Technology's growing reach into the daily life of society inspires me to create meaningful digital experiences for everyone.

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Top 5 Cliffton Strengths


Project Management & UX Design Assistant

@ Consumer Energy Interfaces Lab

October 2019 - Present

- Keeps track of several projects to ensure timely completion
- Manages the lab’s Slack and Airtable
- Participates in conducting UX research
- Raises awareness about the lab’s eco-feedback projects
- Takes notes during user interviews and focus groups

Student Designer

@ UC Davis Undergraduate Education

September 2019 - Present

- Reviews and approves artwork from the Undergraduate Education departments to assure consistency with UC Davis standards
- Creates templates for campus programs to use in their own marketing
- Designs logos, flyers, posters, shirts, and more

Graphic Design and Marketing Intern

@ The Center for Leadership Learning

September 2018 - 2019

- Created all design material with extensive knowledge of UC Davis standards regarding branding and visual identity
- Collaborated with the director and co-workers on ideas to effectively communicate to students

Activities & Leadership

Out in STEM at UC Davis
President, June 2019 - Present
Communications & Outreach Coordinator, June 2018 - 2019

Diversity in STEM Committee
Professional Correspondent, June 2019 - Present

Out in Tech Digital Corps
UX Design Volunteer, December 2019

Out for Undergrad Tech Conference
Attendee, September 2019
Campus Ambassador, February 2020 - Present

Software & Programming Languages

Adobe Suite, C/C++, Python, HTML/CSS, Microsoft Office, Google Suite, Figma, Notion, Slack, AirTable